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Our 25,000 Stream Spotify Playlist Campaign is for artists who are serious about reaching a new audience. We will pitch your track to the top curators in our network and get it placed in multiple highly engaged playlists until the playlists produce a minimum of 25,000 organic streams.


What You Get:


  • 25,000 - 30,000+ Organic Streams Guaranteed 
  • Manual Playlist Pitching by a Real Human to ensure best fit


Examples of playlists artists have been placed in are featured above. Our curators will select the best playlists for your track and genre. We work with all genres of music efficently. If for any reason your track is not approved, you will be issued a full refund.


By placing your track in these playlists, you will instantly gain exposure to new fans who are looking for new and exciting music. The cost of the campaign depends on the amount of curators & streams you wish to target. With the 25K stream campaign, we guarantee a minimum of 25,000 streams, produced by all the playlists where we add your song combined.


We are able to meet the minimum guarantee due to our extensive network of playlists curators in almost every genre of modern music. If, for any reason, we cannot place your song in playlists, we will let you know within 2-3 business days, and then proceed to refund your campaign

25,000+ Organic Streams Spotify Playlist Campaign

$697.00 Regular Price
$679.00Sale Price

Spring Savings

  • Q: Are all streams organic and royalty eligible?

    A: Yes, all streams are 100% organic and will earn royalties. We only pitch to playlists who are authenticated by our Editorial team.


    Q: Can I submit more than one song?

    A: Absolutely! It is simple to submit multiple songs using our platform. When placing your order, you can either update the quantity to indicate how many tracks you would like promoted or you can add a separate promotion campaign to your cart for each song. This allows you to showcase as many songs from your catalog as desired across leading Spotify playlists.


    Q: Is there a contact for more information?

    A: If you still have additional questions, please email us at

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