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We make playlisting easy.

As a boutique music marketing agency, we provide artists & labels with the tools and guidance they need to gain new fans while building a sustainable career in the modern music industry. We're making the tools that platinum selling artists have used for years available to everyone. With ease.

Playlists Plus is a small team with a 10 year stance in the music industry. We're a group of marketing gurus, playlist curators, music promoters, artists, and strategic thinkers. It was painfully clear to us that the major label tools for growth and success weren't available to the average artist.
So we came together to build just that. A platform for the underdog.


The music industry can be shady. That's why we're a company built on trust; full transparency. The ultimate goal is to build an easy to use, affordable, and effective music marketing platform. For the people.
We're an open book. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.



Artists with the same potential as you, using the same resources now available to you.

Real Artists, Real Results

Playlists Plus helped kickstart my career! Super honest, transparent, and a pleasure to work with. Numbers don't lie. Keep up the good work.

Jon Milk, Producer
Los Angeles, CA

Adam Wissman, Guitarist & Producer.
Nashville, TN

As soon as my campaign started Playlists Plus got my music in front of a real, targeted audience! Real people are now listening to my music every day. I highly recommend Playlists Plus.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 4.03.23 AM.png
Start of Campaign
Recent Case Study

Here's a look at a recent campaign we ran with Sam.
27,200 listeners and 42,000 streams in 14 days 🚀



Playlists+ helped my track get in front of thousands of new listeners. It was a major breakthrough for me and I'm so glad I went with them. Their dedication to helping out talented artists is unparalleled, as are the quality curators they work with. This is the best playlisting service of its kind—no other can compare.


MK xyz

I appreciate the support Playlists+ has given to my tracks, including getting them placed in some amazing playlists. The communication and updates were very helpful and led to great results on my song.



Playlists+ has done some amazing work with my music. Thanks to their help, my EP has already gotten over 5 million streams and tons of new listeners. I'm really appreciative of all the support they've provided.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 5.23.30 AM.png

Designed by Artists, for Artists


We have been helping independent artists succeed in the music industry for over a decade. With strategic placements and marketing, many of our clients have gone on to lead successful careers and gain new opportunities with their music.

Our platform has been built with the artist in mind. We get real results that grow your listener base and provide you with valuable insights. This information can help you strategically plan out future song releases, tours, music videos, and much more.

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