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Promote your song.

The right marketing is just a click away.


Reach a new audience for a fraction of the cost.


Zero-Risk guarantee: Rest assured, all packages come with a 100% refund

if we can't secure placement for your song.

How does this work?


Targeted Ads and Playlist Campaigns are the only resources needed to put your music in front of an audience.

Artists just like you, believed in their music and took the first step.



Select a package that best matches your budget and give us some more information about your song.

You will hear back within 24 - 72 hrs.

It's as easy as that! We'll take it from there



An expert from our review team will look over the details of your campaign. Our team will pitch to verified curators and secure placement for your song.

If we can't secure placement, we'll refund your campaign.

We're that confident!



Sit back and relax; the burden is off your shoulders. Rest easy knowing your track is being streamed by thousands of organic and real listeners.


Track your growth in your artist dashboard.

Watch your campaign sky-rocket!

Our listeners become your followers

Our playlists are grown over time by verified and experienced curators, organically and safely. We do not endorse the use of any fake streaming tools and strictly prohibit any of our curators from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists. For those reasons, you can expect to receive the best kind of results from our playlists. Results that generate real fans daily.

Guaranteed Insights

If you invite us to your Spotify for Artists, your submission will have guaranteed results. Our curators will make sure your song is ranked high enough on their playlists, in order to maximize song exposure during the campaign. We want your song to reach as many of our fans as possible. All data is verified in Spotify for Artists & your distributor analytics. We help independent artists get discovered by new audiences around the world everyday.

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Powerful marketing is just a click away 🚀

We've promoted music from..



Artists with the same potential as you, using the same resources now available to you.


Sam Wolfe

After consistently getting my tracks placed in quality, genre-specific techno playlists, my algorithmic & radio streams have skyrocketed to over 53%, and my monthly listeners have increased each month.

I highly recommend utilizing the Playlists+ promotion strategy if you want to increase your algorithmic streams. It has made a significant impact on my music career and helped me reach a much wider audience.


MK xyz

I appreciate the support Playlists+ has given to my tracks by getting them placed in some amazing playlists.


The communication and updates were very helpful and led to great results on my song.


Genre: Hip Hop & RnB



Playlists+ has done some amazing work with my music. Thanks to their help, my EP has already gotten over 5 million streams and tons of new listeners.


I'm really appreciative of all the support and resources they've provided.


Genre: Chill / Pop

We're committed to helping artists grow organically and sustainably over time.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're an open book.


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