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Looking to give your latest release a major boost in streams and exposure? Our 35K Stream Campaign is designed to get your song placed on key Spotify playlists curated by top music tastemakers in your genre.


With this premium marketing package, your track will be pitched directly to playlist curators through our extensive industry connections. Once accepted, your song will be added to some of Spotify's most popular and relevant playlists followed by legions of active listeners.


Due to the size of our playlist network, we can guarantee your track will accumulate 35,000-40,000 high-quality streams organically from real music fans. On top of that, we'll leverage our marketing tactics to help increase the chances of getting your song inserted into Discover Weekly and Radio for extra streams from Spotify's algorithms. If, for any reason, we cannot place your song in playlists, we will let you know within 2 business days, and then proceed to refund your campaign.


Give your music the reach it deserves. With our proven playlist promotion strategy, your release will gain valuable exposure and your artist profile will grow exponentially within your target audience. Backed by our minimum 35K stream guarantee, this is today's most reliable way to build your fanbase on Spotify.




After selecting your Playlist Pitching package, your music will enter the review process where we determine how to effectively fulfill your campaign. We’ll analyze your music and then pitch it to genre-specific playlists. We aim for complete transparency with every client. Throughout the pitching process, you will receive updates on how your order is progressing.


On average, orders are completed within 2 weeks. When your music has been placed into enough playlists to reach your goal, we’ll email you the list of playlists you’ve been added into.


Once you have placed your order, your assigned curator will reach out to you via email within 24 hours to start created a personalized release campaign for your song. We are able to meet the minimum guarantee due to our extensive network of playlists curators in almost every genre of modern music. 

35K-40K Organic Streams Spotify Playlist Campaign

$1,099.00 Regular Price
$847.00Sale Price
  • Q: Are all streams organic and royalty eligible?

    A: Yes, all streams are 100% organic and will earn royalties. We only pitch to playlists who are authenticated by our Editorial team.

    Q: Can I submit more than one song?

    A: Please submit different songs in different orders to allow the best kind of playlist matching for each song.

    Q: Is there a contact for more information?

    A: If you still have additional questions, please email us at

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