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A Cost-Effective Way to Gain New Listeners and Try Our Service

Our Spotify Starter Playlist Campaign makes getting on an influential Spotify playlist simple and affordable. It's ideal for new artists looking to build their streaming numbers or any musician seeking to organically expand their reach. 


What You Get:
- Guaranteed placement on at least 1 playlist with a minimum of 10,000 followers
- Estimated 2,000 - 6,000 streams 

- Our team of expert music curators will select the most suitable playlist to showcase your song


How It Works:  

Place your order and our curators will handpick a relevant, active playlist with a strong listener base to showcase your track. Once placed, we notify you and your music is suddenly exposed to lots of new ears!


Gain new fans on Spotify without breaking the bank. Our Starter Playlist Campaign delivers streams from engaged audiences to help grow your music organically. Take the first step now towards building your streaming profile.

Starter Playlist Campaign

$97.00 Regular Price
$78.00Sale Price

Summer Sale

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Campaign
Subscribe & Save 10%
$87.30every month until canceled
  • Q: Are all streams organic and royalty eligible?

    A: Yes, all streams are 100% organic and will earn royalties. We only pitch to playlists who are authenticated by our Editorial team.


    Q: Can I submit more than one song?

    A: Absolutely! It is simple to submit multiple songs using our platform. When placing your order, you can either update the quantity to indicate how many tracks you would like promoted or you can add a separate promotion campaign to your cart for each song. This allows you to showcase as many songs from your catalog as desired across leading Spotify playlists.


    Q: Is there a contact for more information?

    A: If you still have additional questions, please email us at

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