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A targeted, genre specific playlist campaign for your release.

A targeted ad campaign that finds new fans of your music to help increase your algorithmic reach.



A targeted ad campaign

for music videos, live performances, and audio visual content

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Sustainable growth over time
Get the results you've been looking for..

We pitch your music directly to the top curators in the world 🌎

Our playlists are grown over time by verified and experienced curators, organically and safely. Our global network consists of over 25M combined followers spanning across nearly every genre. We do not endorse the use of any fake streaming tools and strictly prohibit any of our curators from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists. For those reasons, you can expect to receive the best kind of results from our campaigns. Results that generate real listeners and followers daily.

Recent Case Study

Here's a look at a recent campaign we ran with Sam.
27,200 listeners and 41,500 streams in 14 days 🚀

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Start of Campaign

How does this work?


Targeted Ads and Playlist Campaigns are the only resources needed to put your music in front of an audience.

Artists just like you, believed in their music and took the first step.



Select a package that best matches your budget and give us some more information about your song.

You will hear back within 24 - 72 hrs.

It's as easy as that! We'll take it from there



An expert from our review team will look over the details of your campaign. Our team will pitch to verified curators and secure placement for your song.

If we can't secure placement, we'll refund your campaign.

We're that confident!



Sit back and relax; the burden is off your shoulders. Rest easy knowing your track is being streamed by thousands of organic and real listeners.


Track your growth in your artist dashboard.

Watch your campaign sky-rocket!

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Gaining new listeners is now easy.

Once in our playlists, you will notice an overnight change. Your music will reach new people everyday and will continue to do so for the duration of your campaign. As artists ourselves, we know there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a successful campaign convert into engagement and social traction from new fans. The best part of it all? You're now getting paid for your music and reaching new listeners. For real life examples of our past client's success stories, read our case studies.



Artists with the same potential as you, using the same resources now available to you.


Sam Wolfe

I went from being stuck at 5% algorithmic streams for months.. to over 53% of my streams coming from algorithmic playlists! All thanks to the quality, genre specific techno playlists my tracks were consistently placed in! 10/10 would recommend.



They placed my track in multiple chill playlists which generated thousands of streams and listeners! Thanks for the great mastering on my EP too! The EP has now surpassed 5.8M streams!


MK xyz

The results Playlists Plus provided are genuinely amazing... this one of a kind service is literally going to lead to my come up and I am forever grateful!


Designed by Artists, for Artists


We have been helping independent artists succeed in the music industry for over a decade. With strategic placements and marketing, many of our clients have gone on to lead successful careers and gain new opportunities with their music.

Our platform has been built with the artist in mind. We deliver powerful results that help grow your fan base on a daily basis.


Additionally, we provide you with valuable stats and feedback from curators. This information can help you strategically plan out future song releases, tours, music videos, merch, and much more.

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