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4 Essential Steps for Releasing Your Next Song

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Learn to organize your next single release campaign into 3 simple steps, create your pitch, and use our playlist curator database to submit your music to hundreds of relevant curators in your genre.

The most effective methods to prepare for your next song release

Are you taking advantage of all the amazing ways that Spotify can help you grow your audience? For many artists, Spotify is a black hole of sadness where their songs never see the light of day. In fact, over 4 million songs on Spotify have never gotten a single stream... not even one! With Spotify being one of the largest music services ever made, you need to take advantage of its benefits as a modern producer, artist, or musician. But success on Spotify comes down to whether or not you have a plan in place for building your audience and meaningfully engaging with them. Don't have a plan? Not getting the results? Well, you're in luck! My friend and colleague Shuhandz just released a brand new course that walks you through all the necessary steps to promote and brand yourself efficiently on the top streaming platforms. He also breaks down playlisting, the spotify algorithm, growing a dedicated fanbase, and much more. As a way of welcoming you to the Spotify Decoded community, you get a 10% discount! Use coupon code MVP at checkout to enroll in his course and join the community!

1. Identify your target audience and some top performing playlists in your genre.

Create a personalized spreadsheet with the contact information of some of the curators, youtube channels, or labels you would like to submit music to. It can be difficult to find the emails of the bigger and more established curators. There is a solution 🧩

2. Join our exclusive Spotify Decoded Facebook Group

Join our FB group to continue the discussion around growth, ads, the submission process, and much more. Get free weekly growth tips and ask questions anytime! We also have a private group that is exclusively for Decoded Pro members.

3. Watch the replay of our latest Spotify Decoded Live stream to learn more about the release process

4. Get access to our HUGE playlist curator contact database!

4,500+ exclusive contacts listed in spreadsheet format by name, company position, email, link to the playlist, and genre - you'll never have to worry about sending your music to the wrong person again. With these tools, you'll have everything you need to get your music heard, grow your fanbase sustainably, and build your own music marketing machine!

Next Steps 🎯

Work directly with the top verified curators, marketing gurus, and growth experts

Explore different options to promote your music directly with verified curators who have helped bring massive exposure to up and coming artists.

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