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3 Powerful Music Marketing Strategies to Focus on in 2023

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Every new year gives us a chance to start fresh, and that means setting new goals. In today's world, there are many options for musical artists seeking success. Here we'll break down three strategies to focus on for the year to come.

1. Increase your music & content output

It's 2023 and things are moving fast - too fast to only release music or post quality content occasionally. If you want your music brand or artist project to be successful, you need to put out a higher volume of releases and social media posts on a consistent schedule. This way, you'll consistently reach new viewers and audiences that are outside of your current sphere.

As most of us have started to realize, Tiktok is one of the best ways for your music and videos to be discovered in the 2020's. The viral nature of Tiktok success can translate to an incredible number of Spotify listeners if you gain enough momentum. However, Spotify is still the first place where you music should be focusing on getting heard, because they pay a significantly higher rate than Tiktok per stream. But, with Tiktok you can grow quickly using the right strategy. A great way to reach new fans on TikTok is to setup a TikTok Growth Campaign with Playlists Plus, get started here. The same is true with releasing music on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music - the more you put out, the more opportunities and momentum you gain to find new fans and listeners.

If you can connect all of your qualities and strategies in the digital music space with rapid-fire upbeat tactics, you’ll be sure to find success in 2023 and beyond.

2. Develop your live performance

Live performance is one of the best ways you can convert a fan into a super fan. As we move full force into 2023 one thing is for sure: live shows are making a comeback. 2023 will be the year of live shows and festivals! With the pandemic behind us, concerts, festivals, and other musical performances will make a full comeback. People have been sitting in their houses for 2 years and want to discover new and exciting artists now more than ever, that data shows.

Although in 2023 you can grow and push your business through digital streaming and online performances, nothing has and nothing will ever replace the true live music experience. With that being said, make sure you take every opportunity you have when performing live to deliver a good show. That means practice, rehearsals, capturing content, interviews, meet & greets, etc. So much growth can come from having a good show and connecting with the fans who are there supporting you , as well as attracting new fans and listeners that may have never seen or heard of you before. The impact live music has from an artist to fan relationship view, is unmatched via the digital space, so make sure you prioritize making these opportunities the best and most memorable they can be.

3. Build Brand Awareness. A Strong Brand Is Key

One of the main things developing artists and musicians today often struggle with is creating brand awareness. An inconsistent brand presence can confuse anyone who comes across your music or project, so it's important to hit that first impression strongly and maintain the overall vibe. You want to make sure your artist image is branded around something consistent that doesn’t scatter too much into random or unrelated ideas. For example, are you going to use your Instagram business account to randomly post comedic memes that have nothing to do with your music, and then also post a video of your live show playing LoFi beats? Keep your artist social media profiles separate from any other non-related content, and be accurate with the information you share about your project. Consistency is key when self-releasing or creating your own artwork for song and album releases. You want the art branding to be compatible with your sound and direction, so that anyone who sees you, finds you, engages with you, or listens to you will know what to expect from you. To summarize, these are only a few of the strategies we think will be important in the coming year, but there are many other ways to achieve success with how fast things are changing and moving. We wish you continued growth and success in 2023 and can't wait to see what you accomplish. We are here to help you get on playlists and start reaching new fans on Spotify today, click here to get started.

Looking for additional strategies to implement in 2023? Join our Artist Development Program! Click here to join today.

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