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Should you promote your older songs?

Updated: Jun 25

Unlocking the Potential of Your Music Catalog

As an artist, you're constantly creating new music. But what about those gems you've already released? New data from distributors shows a growing trend towards older tracks on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. It's time to take a second look at your back catalog.

The Power of Timeless Tunes

Contrary to popular belief, the music industry isn't solely focused on the latest releases. In fact, data shows a growing trend towards older tracks:

  1. Chart Dominance: One-third of Spotify's Global Weekly Top Songs are older releases, a figure that's doubled since 2020.

  2. Listener Preferences: Nearly two-thirds of streams on artist profiles come from tracks over 18 months old.

  3. Algorithmic Advantage: Promoting your existing library can keep your streaming numbers healthy between new releases, boosting your visibility on platforms like Spotify.

Rediscovering Your Musical Legacy

So, how can you breathe new life into your older tracks?

  1. Identify Your Diamonds

  • Look for past hits with untapped potential

  • Unearth hidden gems that deserve a spotlight

  • Consider tracks that align with current trends

2. Strategic Timing

  • Bridge the gap between new releases

  • Build anticipation for upcoming music by revisiting your classics

  • Maintain a consistent presence in your fans' playlists

3. Fresh Perspectives

  • Introduce your best work to new listeners

  • Give overlooked tracks a second chance at success

  • Showcase the evolution of your artistry

Remember, great music transcends time. Playlist curators and fans alike are drawn to quality, regardless of the release date. By strategically promoting your older tracks, you're not just maintaining relevance – you're inviting listeners to explore the full breadth of your musical journey.

Whether you're looking to sustain momentum, reach new audiences, or simply celebrate your artistic growth, don't let your musical treasures gather dust. It's time to let those older tracks shine once more.

Need assistance in crafting the perfect promotion strategy for your back catalog? Visit to explore how we can help amplify your music releases.

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